Educator Visit To Australia 2011

Project 1

Provision of mentoring and technical support for the UNRWA Lebanon Field Education Department in the discipline of English Language teaching and learning.

During the course of 2010, in his capacity as English Language Adviser, the Australian Volunteers International (AVI) volunteer Richard Steele had discussions with UNRWA about developing a partnership between the UNRWA Lebanon Field Office’s Education Department and South Australia’s Department of Education and Children’s Services (DECS).

This mentoring relationship will address areas for development in teaching and learning English in UNRWA schools, with the following tangible benefits:

  • Offer technical advice and support in areas of education and education policy and  management
  • Initiate and develop a long-term, comprehensive discourse between the entities.

AV Magazine Dec 2011UNRWA welcomed the initiative and asked that APP proceed with developing a pilot proposal. Subsequently two senior Palestinian educators from UNRWA (Ms Iman Masrieh and Ms Malak Soufian Fakhreddine, pictured above) were recruited to visit Adelaide in August 2011. Their time was spent learning ways to improve systematic assessment processes including being advised on various forms of assessment, moderation and the use of diagnostic and proficiency testing.

As part of their studies, they visited Ernabella in the APY lands in northern South Australia, a visit documented by our partners, Australian Volunteers International at their website.

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