Short Term AVI Volunteer 2012

Project 3 

Throughout its existence, APPEH has worked closely with Australian Volunteers International (AVI).

In April 2012 AVI nominated a short-term volunteer to UNRWA Lebanon in the role of English Language Adviser: Curriculum Support. The volunteer visited Adelaide on 4 May before leaving Australia for her new post. While in Adelaide she met with Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) staff including English as a Second Language support staff, leadership consultants and the assistant national director of the Northern Region.  The volunteer commenced work in late June and reported that her project went well. She worked primarily in three areas in her time in Lebanon:

  1. Editing, writing and planning of the Grade 2 Part 1 student text, workbook and teacher’s guide with Dr Zainab Taleb from UNWRA, as well as developing rubrics, and working out distribution of marks. Grade 2 Part 1 is now finished, and Zainab has asked Shazleen to develop phonics activities for the workbook for Part 2.
    In September, before school started, they conducted training for the Grade 2 teachers.
  2. Researching the ideal primary classroom environment in response to a request from Malak Soufian.
  3. Investigating teacher competencies in response to a request from UNWRA  Chief of Education, Lebanon Field, Mr Walid Alkhatib. He wants to shift from subject specialist teachers to one teacher for all, as in Australia.

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