UNRWA health services

We are pleased to have partnered UNRWA in our work to date. After the textbook project APPEH explored, in March 2013, the possibility of supporting various health-related projects.

Of the projects suggested by Dr Suha Ismail, Deputy Chief of UNWRA’s Field Health Programme in Lebanon, the following fell within the remit of APPEH:

  1. Assistance in implementing an appointment system at primary healthcare centres.
    UNWRA are currently assessing a comprehensive package known as the Family Health Team (FHT) information system. This is done in coordination between IT teams in Lebanon Field Office and Amman. The plan is to roll out the system in all UNRWA health centres in 2015, and will take around 18 months. Phase two, the sustainability of this service, will require software and hardware support.
  1. Assistance in training medical staff in primary healthcare settings in the identification and treatment of mental health issues.
    ‘The ultimate aim is to use a community based multi-disciplinary approach that will help in avoiding the over-medicalisation that usually characterises specialised psychiatric services, as well as help to sensitise the community regarding mental health and raise the awareness of positively addressing mental health issues.’ (Quoted from the project document.)
    This project was launched in difficult times with the influx of Syrian refugees and the resultant increased demand on psychological services. The project needs to recruit another two psychiatrists and two clinical psychologists.

APPEH will stay in touch with Dr Ismail and consider financial support when timely/requested.

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