English Language Textbook Support Project 2013

DSC_0082Project 7

APPEH is proud to have supported UNRWA’s Textbook Development program, which is creating English language textbooks for Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon. UNRWA are in the process of completing grade 3 part 1 English textbooks and will be introducing these to schools at the beginning of the new scholastic year in October.

Last year (Project 2), APPEH funded the purchase of three computer and software packages necessary to produce these texts, as well as training in the use of the software. Now the project has gained momentum and needs more hardware and software.

Our colleagues in Lebanon would benefit greatly, increasing productivity and decreasing timeframes, if they could purchase two more hardware/software packages for their team, thus equipping each member with the necessary production tools. The estimated cost is $10 000, and we seek your support. (For the technically minded, the details of the additional software/hardware packages required are stated below.)

Donations to APPEH are tax deductible for Australian donors, and can be made:

  1. by electronic funds transfer to Australian Palestinian Partnerships. Acct: 4407302; BSB 805 050 (People’s Choice, Light Square)
  2. by cheque to APPEH, PO Box 3151, Melbourne St, North Adelaide, 5006.

Specifications of the PC for graphical use:

  1. System box in light
  2. Motherboard Intel Original
  3. CPU 17 3.0 GHZ or above
  4. RAM 4GB DDR (or above)
  5. HDD SATA 1 Terra 7200 PRM
  6. VGA G-Force GT 430 1 GB Dedicated
  7. Two DVD Writers per computer (that read all formats DVD-R, DVD+R, etc)
  8. Intel Memory Card Reader
  9. Monitor LED 22″
  10. Keyboard — Microsoft
  11. Mouse Microsoft
  12. UPS 850 Watt minimum
  13. Speakers High quality
  14. Windows  7 Professional Operating System

Estimated cost: $3000

Software requirements:

  1. Photoshop CS 5 (Extended) [Middle East version]
  2. Illustrator CS 5 (Middle East version)
  3. InDesign CS5 (Middle East version)

Estimated cost: $2000

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