Supporting Palestinian Families Who Have Experienced Political Violence

Project 6

The Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture (TRC) is based in Ramallah and has offices throughout the West Bank. Over the last 15 years, the TRC has deployed its unique multidisciplinary approach to mental health from a human rights-based perspective and has directly treated over 15,000 survivors of violence since its inception. The TRC offers a full range of services to assist victims to fully recover from their debilitating traumas as they transition towards survivors and advocates of human rights.

Dulwich Centre Foundation International  has worked closely with the TRC for 9 years, building the capacity of TRC counsellors. As a result, there is now a three-person Palestinian TRC teaching/supervision team that is in a position to train and support counsellors throughout the West Bank, Gaza and other Arabic-speaking countries. See here for more information about this important work.

Recently the Dulwich Centre introduced APPEH to TRC’s work. APPEH has now agreed to partner with TRC and is exploring ways in which the organisations can work together. But for now, TRC are seeking AUD$40,000 to fund its three person counselling/teaching/supervision team from May 2013 to April 2014. This will enable widespread support for Palestinian families who have experienced trauma. APPEH is seeking Australian donors to help fund this initiative.

Donations to APPEH are tax deductible for Australian donors, and can be made:

  1. by electronic funds transfer to Australian Palestinian Partnerships. Acct: 4407302; BSB 805 050 (People’s Choice, Light Square)
  2. by cheque to APPEH, PO Box 3151, Melbourne St, North Adelaide, 5006.

To request a tax receipt, please email

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